Alax Bioresearch Pvt. Ltd.

Alax Bioresearch Pvt. Ltd.

DIN EN ISO 22000:2018 Cerified

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We Serve & Support the communities, healthcare & other regions

Best pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products manufacturing

Alax Bioresearch Private Limited joined the market to provide Best pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products manufacturing for the people, the healthcare system, and other areas. Our company’s revolving triangle logo represents the three different working ethics. It conveys optimism, good health, and joy. The lettering is grey to symbolize credibility in technology and science, while the orange hue stands for an improved quality of life. As a producer and exporter, we are committed to offering items of the highest quality and quantity at the most reasonable prices. Alax Bioresearch is the top third party nutraceutical manufacturer in Gujarat.

We provide a variety of products, such as Instant Drink Mix Orange, Chewable Vitamin C Tablets, Antioxidants Capsules, Nutraceutical Sachets, Energy Drink Powder, and many more. These goods have quality certification by ISO 22000 and HACCP standards.

Business Philosophy:

We are providing the healthcare industry with several trustworthy Nutraceuticals Products Manufacturing company. Therefore, our business philosophy revolves around:

Our Team

Our team of experts is well knowledgeable about the regional market. Because of the most recent and cutting-edge worldwide developments in this area, we are well-equipped. We have grown to become one of India’s top pharma pharmaceutical trade enterprises because to the infrastructure and our unwavering commitment to quality.

Manufacturing Facility

In the space of over 15000 square feet, we have a large production plant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, a significant industrial hub. Our workplace is set up and subjects to quality control according to WHO-cGMP standards. We offer packaging lines that make it simple to provide each item with suitable packaging & Private label manufacturing company.

With this, we have stabilized chambers, a processing area with HVAC and AHU, and the supply of HEPA filters, as well as well-maintained sugar storage with low RH. With the help of our efficient production facility, we can produce 132 million tablets, 936 tonnes of powder, 74 million capsules, 13 million sachets, 23 million bottles of liquid oral medications, and 75 tonnes of gummies each year.

Why Choose Us?

The majority of our clients now buy a range of products from us, including antioxidants capsules, energy drink powder, vitamin c chewable tablets, nutraceutical sachets, instant drink mix orange, etc. and We are the Best pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products manufacturing, because of our:

High Sense of Ethics

Our trustworthy team members maintain strong values when managing internal and external activities.

Focus on Customer

We have such a deep understanding of clients’ needs and expectations, therefore the solutions we provide are focused on them.


Using creativity and innovation, we continue to offer consumers better solutions.


We place a strong focus on offering consumers around the world options that are both economical and ecologically sustainable. We are the top third party nutraceutical manufacturer in Gujarat.

Awards & Certificates

We Are Committed To Helping Our Partners Overcome Any Challenge And Attain Spectacular Results.

The goal is to establish a brand for ourselves in the healthcare industry by offering consumers cutting-edge and efficient solutions through our affordable range of Instant Drink Mix Orange, Energy Drink Powder, Antioxidants Capsules, etc. For this reason, we focus on quality & client satisfaction in all of our operations.

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